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When it comes to online earning, internet geeks especially newbie’s think that earning money is much easier than offline earning.

Well it’s true, you can make fast earning in online business but earning money have same value whether it’s online or offline but most of us don’t really care and want thousands of dollars by doing nothing or less.

Actually, we don’t want to invest our money or time in the online field but we still want to earn. It may sound odd but its reality.

All we want is quick earning by just sitting on the chair in front of our systems and the system should do rest of our work for us.

I strongly believe that this is because of blackhat and short term tricks like Adsense self-clicking and some other shitty stuff because it takes only one hour to earn $200 or $500 in black hat methods but trust me guys if you think the same then you are in the wrong direction.

Bored? I bet you are, I would be too (I’m good in mind reading 😉 )

Let’s get started without wasting your time.

You must have many questions in your mind like how I earned this amount, what method I used, is it any type of investment or what?

I will suggest you take a deep breath because I am making it easy by adding a short answer for those who are here just to know which method I used to earn this amount.

Short Answer:

Well, I don’t use any type of investment scheme. I just sold one of my useless sites on Flippa.
yes, you heard it right, USELESS SITE. Here is the screenshot of sale page.

Now you may be wondering how is it possible to sell a useless website in $500.

For more details, you have to read Long Answer below.

Long Answer:

As many of you know I provide SEO Training (it may sounds off topic but it’s actually not off topic, i just want to explain why I said this website useless)

My method of teaching is very simple, after basic information i give one website to each student for testing so he may test how SEO works, what is difference between good and bad links, which link works great, what Google likes and what Google doesn’t like. In simple words, student learn the whole process of SEO on that particular website.

In this case, the website which I sold on Flippa was tested by one of my student, and he created almost each and every type of backlink on this website. That’s why I used to say this website useless.
Still confused? Have a look at the screenshot

Did you see that? The number of backlinks? And the Organic traffic?

I hope all of your confusion about website is clear now.

Now let’s go to the next point

At first, this website was ranking for some big keywords on the first page but as I said he used to test this website and this website was not active anymore.

So, because of in-activeness, website ranking and traffic started falling down, that is why I decided to sell this website.

Case Study Begins from here

This case study is all about how I sold my website on Flippa.

To be honest, it was my first time on Flippa so I did not knew that this website which was useless to me can bring me $500

There are two options on Flippa to sell a website, Auction and Classified.

According to Flippa if you want to sell your website for high prices then go with Auction otherwise you can still sell your website using Classified Option.

Auction costs you $29 but Classified is just $9.

As I said I was unaware of Flippa potential so I used classified option.

The main part of listing website/blog on Flippa was providing the details.

More beautiful you will represent the details, more buyers will make the bid, at least it’s all about finding the good buyer.

Provide as many details as possible, like Why are you selling the website? How does the website generate revenue? What is required to keep the website operational? How can the future owner improve the website? And much more.

Here is the Information I provided on the Seller’s Notes.

What is required to keep the website operational?

This website is already ranking for some big keywords on the first page. You just need some authority backlinks from big sites to rank on the first page.

Currently, the website is getting very low because keywords are not ranking on top, keywords are on the first page but in the 10th position, or some are the 7th position.

So if you are an SEO guy then you can better handle this website but if you are not an SEO guy then you can still get this website on top by just investing $50-100.

Why am I selling the website?

I’m out of time. Currently, I am working on many projects so I don’t get enough time to handle this website that’s why I am selling this one to whom who have enough time to handle this website.

How does the website generate revenue?

This website generates revenue by Google Adsense. And the CPC (cost per click) of this website is very high. I sometimes get more than $1 with just one click. So you can imagine how much this website can make once this website will get 3,000 traffic a day?

Are there any expenses for the website? If so, what are they?

Not many expenses, you just need a domain and hosting to handle the website. Probably it will be just $50 I guess.

How can the future owner improve the website?

as I already mentioned you just need some high authority back links in order to rank this website, once you will rank this website then you can earn above your think from this website.

Here is the Traffic Stats of the website

After listing the website I forget about it, seriously. After one week I got an email from Flippa about the new message.

I got two offers from different buyers,

The first one offered me $50

I got this offer after one week of listing

And here is what I replied to him.

Lol, this may sound funny now but yes I asked him to increase the offer to $100 but thank to God I didn’t sell it.

Now here is the second offer I got from another buyer.

To be honest, at first I was amazed, why is he willing to pay me $500 for this useless website? Maybe he got extra money, lol.

He even offered me $1000

But I decided to stick with the first offer because I am not a greedy person, lol.

Then we make the deal and he sent me money in the PayPal,

That’s how I sold out a useless website (well it was useless for me but the buyer must have some plans that’s why he bought it for $500)

That’s how I converted my $30 into $500

How $30?

Domain Price: $2.5

Downloading Script: $16

Flippa Classified Fee: $9


If you are an SEO guy then you must have more than 1 useless website like me, that useless website can bring you $$$. So list that site on Flippa and cash your useless site into dollars.

But if you are a newbie and want to earn money using Flippa then you must learn SEO First.

Start your website and rank some low competitive keywords, then you can sell that site on Flippa in the section of new websites,

I’m sure you can bring more traffic than this website.

Bringing 400/month is not a difficult task at all, every newbie SEO person can bring that much traffic in the first month of starting his website.

And at last, learn some skills (I prefer SEO) and stop thinking that you can earn $500 your first month. You can’t just earn money by simply sitting on your chair, you have to make use of your skills and if you don’t have one then learn one.

So guys, that’s all from my side, I hope now you got an idea to start and sell your websites on Flippa, this is a 6 digit earning business (if you really have any good website).