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This Article is about Earning from Fiverr Reselling.

I’ve found many people interested in making money from Freelancing.

But guess what?

Most of them don’t have any skill.

For those, I have come up with a technique.

By using this technique you can earn some good bucks, BUT!!!

Keep in mind this is a short-term method.

If you are really interested in earning from Freelancing for long-term then learn some good skills.

Here are some good skills or niches which sells quick.


Graphics Designing

Web Development

Well, it’s up to you.

if you are serious about freelancing then it’s my suggestion.

but if you just want to do this for short term then its ok you can go with Fiverr Reselling.

let’s dig deep into details.

Would you like to Know How I converted my $30 into $500?

How Fiverr Reselling Works?


This is very simple.

You just have to buy cheap services and sell at high rates.

For example, you can buy 1000 Social Signals in $1 from SEO Clerk.

and you can easily sell that social signals in $5 on Fiverr. (prices may vary but its just an example)

Got it?


No Problem, here is one more example.

If you are an SEO guy then you must have heard about backlinks.

and when it comes to quality backlinks some people are willing to pay you hundreds of dollars for just one backlink.

If one is providing quality backlink in $5 then you can post a gig on Fiverr for the same backlink in the price of $25.

and when you will get an order on Fiverr just contact to that person who is providing this service is $5.

That’s it, you got 20 bucks in your pocket without doing anything.

Step by Step Guide


I have divided the whole process of Fiverr Reselling into parts.

Ao may you can understand easily.

1) Topic Selection


First, choose your topic on which you want to start reselling.

Topic Selection is necessary before starting.


Because there are some services which are not profitable.

For example Website designing is not as profitable as Logo Designing

and there are some services which are not resellable.

Well, I know the fact that almost every service is resellable. (Umm you may be thinking how confused is tayyab?)

Nope, Never!!! I meant there may be some services which come out to be hard to resell as compared to those I mentioned earlier.

For Example Online Lessons, Global Culture and there are much more.

Apart from these factors.

I would suggest choosing that service you have some knowledge.

As I have some SEO knowledge.

So I would go with SEO Services.

2) Finding Service to Resell


When you go out searching for the perfect market for you,
The second big question would be “where the heck I find resellers? ”

Well, You may haven’t discovered the internet, & yeah for sure you haven’t.

Did you ever heard about Facebook Group method here? Wondering? Read the next and you’ll be shocked.

Many people provide their services in Facebook groups (and that services are really cheap it means you can resell that services easily)

Simply join SEO services related groups (just search in Facebook search bar and you will get tons of results)


Join as many groups as you can.

From that group, you can get many services to resell like this one.

facebook group offer


you shouldn’t resell this service.

Because of the service Price.

Try to find Service with low prices

Like this one.

You can easily sell this service on Fiverr for $50.

Here is one more example

facebook group offer

you can resell this service in more than $25.

that’s it.

3) Reselling


Now you got the services to resell.

Simply create a new Account on Fiverr Related to your service.

and Start Selling that service by making a gig.



Now you must be thinking that it’s okay we now know that how to resell services on Fiverr, BUT!!!

How will we get orders?

I will write a whole new guide about getting fast orders on Fiverr Very soon.

till then keep in touch.

It’s not just limited to SEO.

You can sale any service.

Like if you have some knowledge of designing then you can provide logo designing or web designing services.

one of my friends traveled the Pakistan with the earning of Fiverr reselling.

This is the potential of Fiverr reselling 😉

If he can then why you can’t?