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1. Viral Website Making

Let’s talk about website making first. Website design should be very simple, mobile responsive and it must have fast loading speed.
In my case, I use sahifa theme. Here is sample website:
Simple Design means no extra stuff in the sidebar, no comment box, no related posts etc.

2. Content Research.

Content Research is the main part of Viral Blogging. You have to find the content which is already viral on social media. I use to find viral content, there are many tools for this purpose but buzzsumo is my favorite tool and quite useful too.
Content Type?
Now here is the main trick. You have to find the content which you can convert into pagination, for example, Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer.
Here is the Example:

3. Monetization.

There are many ad networks out there to monetize your website but go to Adsense because Adsense is high paying network.
The most asked question is how to approve Adsense. My guide to Adsense Apprpval can help you there.
Ad Placement?
Where to place ads? This is a good question. Your CTR depends on the Ad place~ment. You should place one ad after the image and one before pagination if you want to get almost 4-5% CTR.
And yes don’t forget to add page level ads.
here is the example of ad placement:

4. Content Marketing.

Now, this is the main part, there are many ways to promote/market your viral content but I use paid advertising on Facebook. You can try Reddit, Instagram or Twitter. There are many free methods too but I use paid one.
How to Promote?
Well, this is not much difficult, you just need one Facebook Advert account, you can use PayPal as a payment method, in my case I’m using Paytm.
Here is a quick example.
If your content is related to cancer then you have to select “cancer awareness” as an interest.
Basically, your target totally depends on your topic, if your content is related to the kitchen then target “Kitchen”, “Chef” “Moms” as an interest in order to get good engagement.
(this is the most difficult part of viral blogging because you have to figure out your interest by yourself according to your content, I can show how all the other things work like how you can design website, how to find viral content but here you have to use your own mind to find the good interest according to your content)

5. Advance Content Research.

There are just two things in advance content research.
–1. Always check keyword CPC you are gonna target before posting. You can check CPC from “Google Display Planner”, please don’t check CPC from keyword planner.
–2. Always check Facebook Reach Potential for your selected topic before getting started.
This way you can save your energy and efforts because sometimes after starting with one topic we realize that this topic has low CPC or this topic potential reach is very low.
That’s not it. Keep testing new things and if you are serious to start viral blogging then keep in touch with me in my group and if you have any problem just post in the group and tag me there. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
PS: I’m attaching a viral blogging course in the comment section, make sure to watch that course, this course is 2 years old but most of the techniques still work. The only thing which doesn’t work is “theme for good cpc” and “Desktop users”.
because 2 years back most of the traffic was from Desktop but now mostly peoples use mobiles and tablets so you need to change traffic from desktop to mobile users and if you will do that obviously you will need to change the theme too for getting good CTR and I have already suggested Sahifa theme and best ad placement for getting good CTR from Mobile Users.